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Transformation of the Pro's and their secrets

One of the most amazing thing in bodybuilding is the dramatical physical change achieved by persistent and goal-driven people. In this article I will reveal some rare (and in some cases vintage) before – after photos to demonstrate what can the human body do if treated well.

Also, it is a good occasion to talk about the other aspects behind these achievements apart from eating and training well. That’s right, I will discuss about the matter of banned performance enhancements.

Bertil Fox, Top Mr. O contender in the 80’s from the Uk

For starter, I would like to clarify one thing: There is a level of competition, where those gears are needed to compete . Hope noticed, I’d say to compete , and not even to win ! The unfortunate thing is most of the users are never compete, rather they are the so-called „hobby-lifters”.

There is so much controversy and myths surrounded the issue of steroids and other performance drugs that it’s hard to imagine the existence of a solution what will be cure for that problem. Which now seems to be greatest idea by the „insiders” (and mine either) is the eductaion. The goverments’ response: 100% denial and banning.

Gunter Schlierkamp IFBB Pro

Yes, those drugs are all out on the streets whatever the goverments do, and non-educated folks grab and (mis)use them causing the horrid stories which could be heard in the evening news.

Bodybuilders seldom suffer from steroid use (rather from diuretics and other kind of illegal substancies, but it’s another story) still they are in the spotlight when the steroid issue brings up. On the other hand, those folks who speak negative things from bodybuilders and every athletes who (supposedly) using drugs are many times have hard time to even wake up in the morning without their regular caffeine (coffee) and nicotine (cigarette) dosage.

Art Atwood IFBB Pro, Toronto Pro Champion

What we are talking about then? Now I don’t want to protect the steroid using folks and do not even want to encourage people to use them, but the education would be pivotal to avoid fatal accidents and abuses from illegal performance substancies.

Bob Cicherillo, IFBB Pro

And how come a person who using drugs for pleasure (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, etc.) condemn an athlete who takes illegal substancies to improve his performance beyond natural and achieve new records? Isn’t it hypocritical?

Roland Kickinger, IFBB Pro, actor

Talking by pharisaism, people don’t really care how the sprinter/swimmer/weightlifter/etc. achieved a new record. They just want to see excitements, new records, etc. The cost of it? Who cares?! Today’s drug testing is called about „how to outsmart the system while using drugs”?

Dennis James IFBB Pro, Top Mr. Olympia competitor

Professional sport is called about performance enhancement drugs. And I’m talking about literally every sports. Even in the chess or shooting contestants using some of them, not to mention the more physical sports.

Troy Alves IFBB Pro contender

A european weightlifter once was being asked at his aftercontest-seminar how he reached that fantastic new record? He’d sarcastically replied: „Well, it’s not from the rye bread”.

Dexter Jackson, Mr. Olympia

Professional sport is not something which fits for eveyone. It is the game of the elite: the genetical elite, the most persistent elite, and the elite who ready to sacrifice everything for 0,1 second edge, 1 pound edge, 1 inch edge, etc.

Jay Cutler, Mr. Olympia

Now I don’t want everyone to admire them for that, just please, don’t condemn it. And stop believeing the popular laymen belief that goes like: „Oh, if I took those pills what they take I’d reach those same results”!

Kevin Levrone, Top Mr. Olympia contender

Bullshit! World and continent records could not being achieved by anyone. You need to sacrifise everything on the altar of a certain lifestyle which consists of train, eat and recuperate on a perfect level. And elite sport is seldom healthy. A hungarian weightlifter once said: „where the pro sport starts, there the health ends”. Well said.

Lee Priest at the age of 13

I receieve so many mails (usually from youngsters, even adolescents who want to be pro bodybuilders and ready to do everything for it). Well, their willpower is admirable, but instead of focus on super-secrets and drugs, why don’t focus on the very basics??

Lee Priest at his best

I can tell, steroids are working, but it gives about a 5% advantage, although it is a 5% what you can’t get elsewhere. Now that few percents are the matter of win or lose on the stage but for a youngster who just want to looking good on the beach is not needed at all!!

Lee Priest „off-season”

If your would like to compete and did everything to develop NATURALLY, then and only then the steroid must be consider to apply. Just use your common and tell me how would you like to develop further if even through the initial phase of your trainings steroids would supporting you?

Mustafa Mohammad, IFBB Pro

How want to develop later? With a bomb in your ass? No, the good way for one, who would like to compete in high level is to exploit his natural capabilities and do everything NATURALLY to grow muscles, and MAYBE ONLY THEN must be consider the steroids use.

Nasser El Sonbaty IFBB Pro, uncrowned Mr. Olympia

If done right, natural training combined with proper nutrition and regeneration can do miracles, and that is what I recommend for 97% of the people. Just take a look on these photos and get some inspiration from those great champions.

Toney Freeman IFBB Pro

Now these guys are the top of their sport (which means they’re genetically gifted ones) and you just need to focus on your body and do your best. Just be yourself but better! I originally intended to write this essay for those young fellas who considering to use illegal substancies though I got a bad feeling they will be the ones who won’t understand and read it.

Paul Dillett IFBB Pro „after-before”

Frankly, how could explain to your typical, unpatient teenager that results will come in the gym by time and the key is consistency and persistence? I bet he’d laugh on you. How could you explain him that the first Mr. Olympia’s drug programme was consisted from 2 dianabol tablets PER WEEK, while today’s athletes take 20 times more? (And many other drugs, too).

Shawn Ray, Top IFBB Pro

He just woudn’t care, I guess. The bottom line is to focus on the basics: learn to eat, train and rest well. That trio will bring you the biggest results. If you have been spent already years in the sport, training hard and depleted your natural potential to grow and develop (and I can tell you it’s harder to achieve than said) then, and only then could be considered to move toward other substancies.

Tom Prince IFBB Pro (stopped competing because of severe health condition)

That’s minimum matter of years to achieve, I can tell. And if you have no intention to compete I can’t see any reason to take them at all (with the rare occurence when the doctor prescribes them as medication of course). Use your common and make wise decisions! If can’t, look for an expert who tell you the trust right in the kisser!

Dennis Wolf Top IFBB contender at his young age


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