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Madeline (20), California, USA

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Dimitar (49), Sofia, Bulgaria

В качеството ми на изпълнителен директор, аз съм постоянно зает и нямам никакво време, през което да обърна внимание на себе си. Благодарение на Пийт, тренировките и хранителният режим, които той ми постави, свалих 20кг. и отново се чувствам като на 20! Благодаря ти Пийт и продължавай с добрата работа!

As a busy CEO of my venture, I've never had the time before to take care of my physical appearance. Thanks to Pete and his training and nutrition regime I lost 20kg. (~ 45lbs) and feel again like 20 years old! So thank you Pete! Well done!

Jenn (30), Maine, USA

I came accross Pete's website while surfing on the internet and definitely required reading! Straight-shooter guy with straight-shooting advices and approach. With his E-book I could understand the mechanisms of how I gain the undesired bodyweight and how to get rid of it! Thank You for the unselfish help!

Karlotta (22), Madrid, Spain

Hey there, I’m 22 and had that huge complex that I have big butt! You may call me crazy, but believe me at my age that could be embarrassing! I was worried about that to a point I completely  stopped showing off in swim suit. I’ve started diets, the result was my breast was getting smaller and my ass was still the same. Then I found Pete’s book and said to myself “why not”. Anyway there was nothing to lose. Bit by bit by following his training and nutrition advices not only I reshaped my butt to a rounded and sexy one, but my whole body!
Kisses Pete!

Liz (51) Arad, Transylvania

Thank You very much to answered my questions so fast! In my eyes you seem to sincerely strive to help your clients! Big thanks for the encouragement and giving me back the faith that I can be as slim as I was before my 3 kiddos!!

Pia (34), Malmö, Sweden

No matter what I will write down now, it won’t be enough to express how grateful I am to meet with Pete! This amazing man has changed my life in just a short period of time.
Since he introduced me to the fitness lifestyle, that completely changed my attitude. Let me summarize, I’m 34 years old housewife, mother of 3 without much of a time to look after my appearance. Thanks to the book and the guidance of Pete I’ve lost 9 lbs for 2 months! No starving, no yo-yo effects. I just reshaped my body mainly following the advices in the nutrition part. Cut off all the junks I used to consume and I used to nourish my family with. So thanks to Pete not only I lead a healthier life but my family as well! I feel perfect in my body, my husband noticed the huge change not only in the way I look but in the state of my mind and the fact I’m much happier and positive than before! I have the spark for life again!!!
Thank you Pete Steel!

Attila (26), Budapest, Hungary

Öregem, te aztán komoly információ-forrás vagy! A segítségeddel fel tudtam készülni az első erőemelő versenyemre! Csak így tovább!!

Man, you are an abundance of information! With your guide I can prepare my first powerlifting contest! Keep up the nice work!!

Andi (28), Vienna, Austria

Ich war immer ein durschnittlicher Junge. Auch in meinem Auftreten sah man immer einen Jungen der 180 cm groß ohne auffälligkeiten und extras. Ich habe es ein paar mal im Fitnessstudio probiert aber ich bin durcheinander gekommen. Ich fühlte mich merkwürdig zwischen den vielen muskulösen Menschen. Den Peter habe ich bei einem Handballspiel in Österreich kennengelernt. Seitdem hilft er mir beim Handball und beim trainieren damit ich besser aussehe! Danke Peter !

I’ve always been the guy you’d call ordinary. Nothing impressive, nothing too catchy in my appearance. Just your average 180 cm (5'11") tall boy. When I was teen, like everyone on my age, I used to get fascinated by the brawny men I was seeing in the magazines. I’ve tried to attend the gym few times, but was getting kinda confused. It was embarrassing for me to be along with those big folks that had those amazing bodies. I’ve met with Pete on a handball game in Austria. He was my cousin’s teammate. Ever since Pete is helping me with advices and tips to get better in handball and looking better either!
Thank You Peter!

Julia (23), Paris, France

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