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Get in good shape for the summer! - ReShaping training for ladies !

There are basic differences between the male and female physique regarding training. But, - in the other hand – one can observe similarities either. The physical anatomy is obviously different. Women possess 20-30 times less androgenic hormone level which means they are less „suitable” for vigorous trainings to gain muscle.

There are 2/3 less muscle nucleus found in girls’ muscles, thus the circulating androgene hormones messages could be „read” less by the female body. All the physiques are different regarding gender plus every physique is different on its own either. Ladies muscles’ contains the I. type of muscles mostly.

Qualities of these muscles that they able to put up lower intensity endurance trainings and possess less growing potential. But, they can get recovered pretty fast, thus can handle often and exhaustive trainings.

There are typical differences in some receptor numbers and positioning. Alpha-2 receptors make harder the degradation of fat and that’s why there are typical problematic parts of fat storing both men and women.

The good part is, that women has better results regarding the „relative power”. It means ladies could perform more on the same intensity level than men. What does that mean? If a male could perform 6-12 repetitions with the 70% of his maximum weight, a lady would do 12-20 of her’s!

To bring an example, let’s say a guy could bench press 200 pound for one rep (1RM) so he could perform about 10 reps with 140 pounds (which is the 70% of 200 pounds). Contrary this, a girl who can perform 1 rep with 100 pounds in the same exercise (that’s her 1 rep max, 1RM) would do 12-20 with 70 pounds.

Women tend to get fatigued in a slower pace neuromuscularly and their growth-hormone basic level is higher in general, so they can recover faster. As far as bodyshaping, I guess both men and women have the same goals, although they name it differently.

The goal is to lose fat and improve muscles. Those are the desired aims in both cases. By reaching this will look like the human body sexy and well-shaped hand in hand with great functionality and great capacity.

As far as I experienced, ladies often emphasize they need only shaping and to increase toning but it means exactly they need more muscles while get rid of undesired bodyfat. Only the muscle could look tight and toned but only when rid from the bodyfat what actually wrapping them.

Because to build muscles and burn bodyfat could be achieved on a harder way for ladies, they must train as heavy and long time to reach their goals as men, who looking for huge muscles. Although the absolute and ultimate goal is different by genders in the gym, beacuse of their slower developing of women, they need the same time (or even more) to reach their more modest aims.

Thousand and thousands of ladies start their training programs day after day in the gym’s of the world. According to surveys 16% of them can only perform random trainings, while 12% stop after the first week.

According to a 1993 study which particularly surveyd the reasons of giving up and to discover the common qualities of those who could go on with training long term. Subjects were average height, mildly obese women with lower upperbody strength and thin bony structure.

Those women who could follow the regime possessed the following characteristic:

  • short built
  • lower bodyweight
  • more light bony structure
  • greater initial upperbody strength

Those women who’d train random or stopped the regime had different qualities, such as:

  • they’d smoke
  • consumed lots of coffee
  • skipped breakfast
  • consumed more alcohol

The same intensity level and regime was applied for every subject so the intensity of the trainings or the pace of developing couldn’t affect the ones who quit. What was different is the lifestyle . Who is not enough motivated to take care of herself they are neither be able to follow a heavy training regime.

The bottom line is the lifestyle must be changed in order to succeed. Those who are not eat breakfast, - which is the most important meal of the day – „replace” it with more coffee. Smoking and alcohol are walk hand in hand usually and decrease the overall energy level among others.

If fixed your lifestyle you would feel yourself much-much better and would be ready for the heavy trainings. To succesfully change your appearance – which means losing weight in general for ladies – not only the training, but precision nutrition is needed. (How? Get the most comprehensive answer HERE )

Although training is very useful the energy balance must be lowered by decreased calorie intake either. Now I represent a training method which combines the benefits of aerob and anaerob trainings.

When athletes hear about the phrase „circle-training” they immediately think about machines. Contrary this, circle-training could be also performed without any machinery. This system is perfect to increase stamina along with a pile of other positive effects. Let’s see them:

  • fast and concise training à less time consuming than the regular training
  • every bodypart could be trained properly
  • increased aerob strength
  • improved physical power
  • any machine could be used
  • effective, but less exhaustive (in certain cases) training
  • it could prevent overtraining

Most of the ladies don’t even think the circle training performed at home could replace the regular gym training. Circle training is the exact – but concentrated!! – copy of the regular gym trainings. It only takes about 30 minutes (or even less) and could be performed at home with the needed equipments.

Circle training is even used when only combined 3 different exercises. Another benefit of that system, the muscles get even load. This is particularly important for beginners who could easily overtrain themselves.

Circle training has vast effect on circulatory system without apply any aerob movements in the training regime. That primarily owing to the greater muscles developed by weight training.

To reach better results, swich between the exercises as fast as possible. During the training heart pulse must be constantly dwell somewhere 60-90% of the one’s maximal value. The aim is to maintain that pulse rate for 20-30 minutes. The meaning of aerob exercises are the continousness and constancy. Circle training and freeweight training together do justice to these requirements.
The only possible problem is the desired equipments are not always available when needed. If you possess an own mini home gym it’s not an issue but for the others it could be so. There are gyms which have enough machines and equipments for the fast swich in your circle training although.

An evergreen question is whether the machineries or freeweights are the better for circle trainings? In most cases the possibilities tell you what to use but a mixed machine – free weight training is a good solution as well.

For example perform the basic exercises with free weights while do the supplemental ones with the help of machines. It is recommended to do the latter exercises in higher reps and don’t do too many sets to avoid overtraining.

It is not crucial to perform all your exercises in the frame of circle training. To bring an example first you can perform the basic exercises and then the supplemental ones. If you feel your upper body needs more training then supplement the basic exercises with biceps, triceps pushes, or lateral raises and vice versa.

Circle training could be also used for antagonist muscle groups but there are other possibilities as well. A golden rule is to make the blood flow from one bodypart to another. So try to avoid to train only one bodypart with this method.

Circle training could be the most efficient when the exercises performed in a not too fast pace. As far as I experienced, most of the trainees who perform circle training are tend to forget it. The meaning of this system to ensure even development for all bodyparts. It depends very much that how fast you perform the exercises.

I recommend for beginners not to train too fast. Take your time when it comes to perform the repetitions! If persistent enough, rookie trainees with this system can develop a better stamina, increased muscle strenght and power along with better functioning respiratory and cardiovascular system thus will be able to handle heavier trainings in the future.
Circle training could be pretty beneficial for beginners under an expert’s supervise. But, intermediate trainees could benefit also from this methodology. Not necessary to keep use it but once in a week it’s woth a try. Some bodybuilders experience greater fatigue from circulaion training than from their regular trainings.

That change from regular training to circle will force the muscles to adapt thus develop. As soon as the muscles get used with the load, developing getting slower and stop. It is inevitable for everyone to change their routines that is why you need to have a unique circle training plan for yourself when can’t get to the gym. What if you must travel or go to holiday?

A short but intensive circle training in those cases would be perfect to maintain the continuity of developing. Now let’s see some example training plans for circle training! Keep in mind, you must perform the repetitions in a slower pace than usual and never forget to warm-up properly!!

1. Squat – incline press – lats pulldown

  1. Deadlift – military presses – cable rows
  1. Lunges – barbell biceps – standing calf raises

There are extended circles as well, where you train all your major muscle groups within one circle:

1. Regular squats – bench presses – sitting dumb-bell presses – lying leg curls – cable rows – sitting calf raises

  1. Deadlift – incline presses – lunges – standing military persses – sitting calf raises – lat pulldown – standing leg curls

Note: Please bear in mind, the above examples are really just examples . Try to perform 10-15 repetitions from every exercises in the circle. Want a real unique circle training program designed to you? Having problems to establish the desired number of sets? Well, that is totally varying so if any questions, comments you have, please feel free to get contact me HERE .


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