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Elite Personal Coaching - Worldwide availability

I will tell you all the time what to do and when. I’m going to be around you while training, will guide you in the kitchen and show the best methods of regeneration to start the next day of high energy levels. Furthermore, the whole process will be organized around your time schedule. I will be there for you whenever you need advice, help, just anything to reach your dream physique even 24/7 if you want! Additionally, I will be there for you to TEACH all my secrets and basics so you will NEVER ever need external help to navigate in your supermarket and gym.

You will be part of a fantastic (but NOT easy!) journey which called, fitness. You will experience to enjoy the positive changes of your body, retrieve self-confidence and it’s gonna change your whole life, I can guarantee!

What it cost you? The final fee consist of 3 parts: Since I will live around you for those weeks it costs for the accomodiation. Sometimes it means a hotel room but many clients of me in the past had a roomy house where they offered me a room just to save money. Apart from that you have to pay the travelling since I WILL go to you and help in your home. Aside from that there is a regular training fee as well.

As you can see there’s no way to establish a universal price so make sure to inquire via email to see when the next vacancy will be due, tell where do you live, how we could sort the accomodiation out and then establish an exact price.

NOTE : Pete's only available for fitness related services. Escort services and other stuffs like that are not available here. If you are looking for that sort of services, don't even bother yourself to write him!

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