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How to strive for your aims? - Get Motivated!

What a nice day is today, it is 90 degrees…in the Gym! Air cooling is on minimum, the owner of the gym wish to save money or just simply wanna to kill us? The regular stupid music (music?) is flowing from the subwoofers and loudspeakers which makes me feel more down on that hot, humid day. Although there is not too much in there…

We are only a few by the way:

Two skinny guys (I bet they are university students!!) wearing granny glasses whilst explaining themselves how to get ripped and stand around the peck-deck machine.

At the far end of the gym a matured youth (granny, ha-ha) in her sixties or so reading the most recent issue of Oprah Magazine or Cosmopolitan I cannot see perfectly from where I stand. In cca. every tenth minutes she decides make one set of the newest butt machine, using 7-8 inches from the whole range of motion to „reshape her lower body”.

Around the bench presses the local mafioso (or more sophisticated „wise-guy, dunno really) is trying to push 350 pounds but you know he just couldn’t „because that goddamn cell is keep ringing” and don’t let him to grab the bar in the past 30 minutes or so.

The finger-thick golden necklace and bracelets are showed up perfectly on him though to demonstrate he is definitely a „youdontwanttof*ckwithme”  type of guy. The tank-top is strecthing imperfectly on his fat, expanded hairy belly, but he just don’t give a crap. The recent bodybuilding star in M&F would wear the very same outfit, you know.

And here I am too, trying to accomplish my actual workout but can’t find any motivation in that excruciating heat. And in that very moment, the gym’s door opened and a guy would walk in there.

Pretty massive he’d be, I must admit. Thick, striated thigs could be seen under his shorts along with a pair of diamond-shaped calves. One could perfectly see the brawny chest under his T-shirt and a network of veins on the arms running down into the forearms like a hydrographic map.

He got a locker key from the desk and disappeared in the changing room. Uhh, that was shocking – I’d thought. Now I couldn’t concentrate on my training at all and would wait for the guy to reappear again.

Not before he did: in his training clothes and with some necessaires he’d walk in: a big plastic bottle, mp3 player, towel and a belt. He immediately went to the water platform and filled the empty bottle with pure water.

Damn what a determination! He just barely started to warm up but I can see in his eyes the dedication and spark which says „I will fulfil my training at all cost despite the heat or other unpleasant circumstances”!

Now I lost even the remained fragments of my concentration as far as my own training and positioned myself to be able see him, but not obviously. It meant I’d skip to another machine. And the show soon after had begun.

After warming up (few minutes on the treadmill walking in good pace) he stepped to the power-rack, set the stud up according to his height and started to execute squats with the empty bar. OMG don’t tell me you wanna perfrom heavy squats in that infernally hot?? As far as I could see those were bodybuilder-style squats, not the powerlifter’s version.

Namely: shoulder-width stance, toes looking a bit out, back is flat and go down as much as one can while stuck the heels on the grund. Even though there was no additional weight on the bar, he’d tense all his muscles and the fibres obeyed and moved as happily like they just arrived home.

The scenario was the very same in the next sets either, with a small difference he’d load the bar more and more. Nice example of the pyramid method, reckoned. He’d make quintuples (5 reps per set) and four or five sets, can’t recall exactly.

Right before the last set, he’d put the mp3 player on. Then came the belt and I could see in his glance the external world just stopped existing to him. It was only him and the bar across with 400 pounds of heavy-ass iron. I was sure he’d listen some earth-shaking M E T A L music.

Under the last set he’d really struggle and lost some of the grip but tried to maintain the correct form with all the power’s of his muscle fibers. After the fifth rep he’d put back the bar on its place while the noises of metal collision be heard around. Perfect background music for such a stenouos training.

Meanwhile the one-third of the water from the bottle disappeared already – wow, that guy loves water! I just couldn’t wait to find out what was next for him. He’d get a barbell, put in front of him on the grund and loaded with 50 pounds for first.

After sipped some water from his bottle he bent forward grabbed the bar with neutral grip while kept his back flat (not arched!) and stood up only moving his hip. I noticed, the knees were almost locked-out, but just almost and not completely to avoid joint problems.

Holy crap, when he bent forward I could notice those hamstrings forged from steel. He made sure to flex them all the time when reached the down position and moved back with the help of the ham muscles. „What a degree of concentration”! - I’d think.

He’d make 3 heavy sets after the introductory one. He’d apply heavy weights, but never sacrifised the good form for the sake of more weights. I could discover that effort when he stopped after the second rep in the last set and removed a 10 pounds plate from each sides and restarted the set.

Then he’d raise the water bottle to his mouth and would gulp great amount of pure H2O à the bottle is 2/3 empty already! Once reracked the used weights he’d move to the standing calf machine and without anything special started to kill those shank muscles slow and easy. Well, for sure it was slow, but easy…

Frankly, I’ve never seen such a perfect execution of that exercise ever before. What frist struck me was he didn’t apply all the weights on the machine. It was about 40-50 pounds at the highest.

He’d go down completely – the heels almost touched the grund – stood still for a few seconds at the bottom, and slowly launched himself back to the summit position. When reached that point he’d make sure to contract fully the calves and destroy them completely.

It was a perfect execution, I can tell that! One could see his calf muscles agonizing, sweating and moving like it would be a snake under the guy’s skin, admirable! The two young fellas immediately started to gossiping that it is impossible to get so shredded and striated with such a low number of sets and reps.

They convinced each other that is literally impossible since they are here for the very same reason (to get striated and fat-free) and even they couldn’t reach that goal. Even though they are following the correct approach: using machines, high reps and eat less. Therefore à „the guy is juicing”!

I could barely stop bursting out in laugh. Obviously the fatty fella with the hanging golden on his neck also recognised that something is not OK; the 350 pounds are still on the bench while he couldn’t make more than 1,5 reps in the last hour and his damn cell is still keep ringing.

Meanwhile my hero just finished on the calf machine. It was short and sweet. Well, short for sure. „What’s next, what’s next” – I was wondering and the answer was just about to come in its reality.

He’d set up both the leg extension and leg curling machines while threw down his gears next to them. Towel on the pad of leg curl machine and the guy jumped on the leg extension machine.

Right after finished his set on the leg extension he’d lay down on the other machine to perform the leg curls. Super sets – appeared immediately in my mind. The guy made it so fast he couldn’t even take a breath between the two exercises. All the veins became visible on his thigh and calves and was sweating like he just came out under shower.

The juvenile granny almost fell off in the dumbbells on the ground from the shock what he just witnessed and made a big noise. In that very moment – because of the sudden glimpse from the fellow „trainers” – she got red.

The guy made two more super-sets on those machines, resting about 2-2,5 minutes between the them. The final reps were real hard to him à his teeth flashed out, solid gasping was in the air and then a gratifying sigh after the final set.

He’d sip off the final drops from his bottle, reracked the used weights, cleaned the pads of the used machines with his towel, gathered his gears and disappeared again towarding the locker room.

The whole „affair” would last about appr. 40 minutes. I was stunned from that kind of professionalism, discipline and orderliness. I had definitely move to the lounge to catch this guy. After a few minutes someone spoke to me from behind:

„Hey howdy, I thought you can do it better than those ones inside”. I was turn my back and the guy was it with a shaker in his hand. He was about medium height, around 6 feet or so and about 210-220 pounds, pretty massive must admit without serious fat on him.

Well, - I replied – you know it is too hot, we are in the middle of the summer…What is in your shaker?

„Ohh, it is my post-training shake consisting of whey protein powder, grinded oat meal, 5 grams of creatine, 10 grams of glutamine and plenty of pure water. It is perfect for my tormented muscles”.

„I see…and how come you lift those heavy weights in such a hot weather”?

„Look, I do not really care about it, honestly. I try to switch it off and focus only on my aims. That is over and above everything. I’d rather suffer now for 40 minutes, than in the whole next week while thinking that I screwed up my training and didn’t do it with 100% efforts”.

I just couldn’t stop asking him: „And how come you could reach such a massive body? Do you have any secrets”?

„If you mean prescription drugs and other illegal stuffs, no, I don’t use them. Those things could maybe give temporary advantages but later on will take its toll. Although I do believe in proper eating, supplementation and training. At the end of the day those things will finally bring you the desired results not a handful of pills”.

„Eating”? – I would ask. „What you mean under correct eating”?

„It is a very complex issue. You must focus on the basic food sources like fish and lean meat with first class carb and fat sources. I’d learn all the stuffs from a friend of mine, Pete who is in that subject pretty much. You can get him here:

„Wow, thank you for talking to me, really! I can’t wait to learn more about that whole stuff. To be honest I thought this sport is only about lifting those weights and that’s all”


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