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Why the fast food chains are the sworn enemies of health and vigour?

It keeps make me wondering why people desperately eat „foods” which is not good for them. Ok, there is a percentage from them who not awared of the negative effects of fast food but the majority – I firmly believe – are well awared about the negative effects.

What I could experience through my career is that regular folks tend to trust in their goverment, the goverment bureaux and their decisions, namely, if the fast food is legal, it is available with the approval of the authorities (FDA, FTC, etc.) it couldn’t be such a bad thing.

Food chains are not only approved but in many cases even encouraged to do their activities. Good example is the change in size of the toilets because of the epidemic obesity in the United States of America.

People getting to more and more obese? It is ok, just change the size of the equipments around them so they could still feel „comfortable” and not warned that something is not OK why they are getting bigger and bigger.

Another good example of that phenomenom is displayed on the following picture:

If you ever wondered how could a car company serve the fast food industry now here is the answer. Why a car manufacturer has to promote the consumption of fast foods such a way? It may look to a minor issue but we are surrounded by such a tricks disguised promoting unconsciously to consume fast food.

Whenever I pass by to a fast food restaurant and see it filled with people I just want to ask them: „Do you know what you eat? Do you know that your beloved fast food chain don’t give a crap about your health? Do you know that they just want you to consume more and more to gain profit from you? Do you know to achieve it (more profit) they try to minimalize the expenditures so they will use the cheapest ingredients?”

I guess the folks inside the restaurant would just stare at me that I’m crazy. Now I am supposed to tell that it is ok to stop in a fast food chain once in a while but I won’t tell that. I don’t suggest that you will die from a hamburger but I do state that every bit of that junk swallowed means processed, chemically enhanced inferior nutriments moving into your body.

May be you think right now that I’m exaggerating. Please tell me what is it according to you?

Some kind of yummy sweet cold thing from milk and rapsberry? Brrrrrrrrrrr! Wrong answer! What is displayed on the picture is C H I C K E N!!! To be perfectly punctual, it is mechanically separated chicken. The name is just as nice as the product look like, isn’t it?

When chicken is needed in mass quantities (among others for fast food chains) the whole chicken is processed and pressed through a sieve. While this process is done primarily to separate bones and other inedible parts of animal carcases from the edible meat tissue, I would really like to see how much is actually separated and how much really becomes part of the final product.

Now our good friend, Mr. McDonald promised that they won’t use anymore mechanically separated chicken in their products, the USDA (another bureau which usually possess the trust of the regular folks) has allowed these MSP-based foods to be used commercially without restriction because they are deemed SAFE.

What red mass you can see on that picture more than likely filled with bacteria and other good things so it must be disinfected with ammonia-based chemicals. Yummy! Because of that and after it they must add some unnatural flavour (another combination of chemicals) to make that mass tastes like chicken.

To make a long story short, when that final processed product reaches your mouth it contains only some 40-50% of actual chicken meat. You can find out what is the remaining 50%! Long live chicken nuggets!

My final advice is plain and simple: avoid those fast-food restaurants at all cost. You can hardly ever pick healthy foods from their offers. That is the very first step to a healthier, more vigorous life. In order to achieve your fitness, build muscles, lose fat (in short: to consciously change your physique) you gotta be on a good health state.

There are way more tips in my mind how to avoid the hidden threats in our foods, but if I had to give one advice it would be the shunning of fast-food restaurants. Use your brain what you lift to your mouth and if ready for a real transformation get contact me HERE .

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