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Online Consultation

Elite level online coaching at just fragments of my normal prices!

I do understand that one-to-one training for many of you is not possible or affordable. That is why I did launch my online services where trainees with strong willpower can achieve their physical goals under my guidance for a considerably lower price compared my regular fees.

In response for the flow of comments on facebook and to further diminish your outlays and save time for both of us, I do recomend to pick the best option of services which fits on you.

But before would choose, you must know I accept only real determined participants. It is not like one-to-one training. I won’t be around you to keep tell what to do or not to do. You need extra determination to follow my advices to the letter in order to succeed.

I’ve made the name of Pete Steel by results and helping online effectively could be possible ONLY with a determined, perseverant trainee. I have limited time to do online trainings thus there are few vacancies available, if any. So make sure you are ready to work with me and want the results really much.

So for those who can not afford one-to-one sessions in their home of exclusive training, nutrition and regeneration counselling, online services are available of:

Online training: Are you already mastered the principle of nutrtion? Do you know what needs to be done in the kitchen in order to get results but got lost in thy gym? If so, that option is just for you! Prepare for filling out a thorough questionnaire as a first act to get a comprehensive picture of your physique so I can establish then an individualized regimen reflecting your goals, lifestyle and physical built. That program then will be reviewed and adjusted to your accomplishments on a constant basis. Again, to get the most of my online training expertise you need to be super dedicated and enthusiastic as I won’t be physically around you. If you don’t have that level of goal-orientation do me a favor and don’t waste my time and your money enrolling.

1st month’s fee: 99,95$ From the 2nd month onward: 79,95$

Online nutritional counselling: Perfect choice for those who already gained proper knowledge about the training know-how but having hard time establish a proper nutritional protocol. I will ask you to monitor meticulously your diet during the preceding week to see your eating habits and to taylor a regime to you specifically, and to carefully integrate it within your existing lifestyle. If you are ready and willing to take food supplements we will establish a program which fits the most of your goals. All of these will be reviewed monthly, too, for needed adjustments.

1st month’s fee: 99,95$ From the 2nd month onward: 79,95$

The complete package: training + nutrition + regeneration in one

1st month’s fee: 159,95$ From the 2nd month onward: 119,95$

I do understand if you can find cheaper online services out there but those are faceless individuals or, which is even worse, a crappy software generating generalized answers. Unfortunately that kind of attitude (to use softwares) are getting more and more general as far as online training goes!

My prices undoubtedly offer excellent quality which is quite rare nowadays. And don’t forget:  Being Elite is not measured by how much you earn but rather it is an attitude which could be found in basically everyone. Let me help you bring that on the surface! Become ELITE with my help!

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IMPORTANT! The very first step of the enrolling process is to send a mail to the Pete Steel headquarters where you describe what services you are looking for and when you'd like to get it started.