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About Pete Steel

Hello and Welcome!

Wow, it’s been a long road….

To be honest, it’s hard to write about me only in a few lines but I’ll try my best. I’m Peter Steel, born in a small country in the heart of Europe, in 1984. Raising up in that place is not the best but not the worst either.

I had perfect environment with a loving family and abundance of caress, but something – couldn't explain exactly what was that – was missing in my life. The very first time a friend of mine introduced me to the weights in his weightlifitng room, wow, it was instant love for me.

I finally found that „missing link” in my life on that spring day, 1996. This beautiful lifestyle, - what you can call fitness, weightsport, irongame, etc. – is made my life complete forever. I love to strive for my health, performance and appearance, to push my body to the limit, naturally.

Yes, naturally, since I’ve never used any illegal substancies, and I’m as proud of this fact that I even had T-shirts with this slogan:  „Train hard, train natural”! As the years passed and people could recognize the positive changes on my physique, they started to keep asking me about how I’ve achieved it.

I suddenly caught myself not only I give advices to my friends but train with them and help them to achieve their physical dreams while I show them the healthy way of living. Since I have been played handball for more than 15 years, my teammates started to recognize I became faster, stronger, jumped higher and my overall stamina dramatically increased.

One of my teammate was extreme curious and asked me to show him how I’ve reached that sudden performace development. So I started to working out with him and after a few months he became much more powerful than ever before. Needless to say, after that almost all of my teammates were coached by me.

Those were the first signs and moments and gradually I found out it is my passion, it is what I can do 100% effort and it causes joy me. I love the challenge to find solution for different peoples’ different problems.

Not long ago, a lady wrote an E-mail to me and asked why I consider myself different like the other personal trainers. Must admit, I couldn’t answer immediately. And instead of I started to speak highly of myself, I decided to ask my past clients, friends, family members and so on to answer this question. Why they enjoyed to work out with me and why they were stick to me.

The answer was stunning because almost everyone of them replied the very same: they loved my passion as I brought them through their trainings, as I passionately explained them about nutrition, and they’ve been fascinated about that.

And they had right: I could meet with different personal trainers. Most of them did this job because of the money and never really cared about the health of their clients. My credo is that give the client EVERYTHING what they would need in case to reach their physical dreams.

It became obvious, that I love to help people reach their physical dreams and bring them in a better shape where they had before. So during my college years (I have Bachelor’s Degree of social educating which is the european equivalent of social working) I got my AFPA Certification from Personal Training in parallel.

This agency is one of the world’s most recognized and respected organization when it comes to personal trainer certification.

When clients working with me they can 100% rely on me. Housewife with children at home who has only 30 minutes a day to train in her home? Super-busy CEO who can train only 11pm or 5am in the morning?  67 years old grandma, who wants to know from where to obtain the foods and what to watch in the shops regarding food labels, wrappings, etc.?

They ALL got what they wanted. What I offered them is a compherensive, full circle approaching of their problems. I wanted to teach them fishing, instead of giving them fish. My aim was – and always will be – to teach everything to my clients what I obtained during the years about healthy life, training, and this whole attitude.

This inexhaustible source of passion drove me to write my book where you can literally find every needed informations about fitness, training, healthy lifestyle. Yes, Operation: Metamorphosis is the book what you need in order to get the honest knowledge about physique development, fat burning, getting in shape, et cetera.

Since I don’t believe in group training or working with too many people in the same time, and since most of my clients have special demands, I accept only a few of applications in one time.

My clients love that I’m available around the globe (been working already in the United Kingdom, Austria, Romania, Greece, The Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary and the United Arabian Emirates with different clients). Whenever they need me, whatever is the time,  I can offer much more than a regular gym personal trainer.

Since training is only about 30% of the body developing equation, the other 70% is the precise nutrition and recuperation, I’m able to show my clients how to guide themselves in the shops, reveal the dirty tricks about the food producers to avoid eating junk food and hidden chemicals, and many different ways of recuperation from the daily stress and training.

All in all, I already talked too much but I become too talkative when it comes personal training and healthy lifestyle. Whatever question you have about my services, please don’t hesitate to get contact with me: [email protected] .

Also, keep in mind, that if you sign-up my FREE newsletter , (where you will get useful informations and tips how to make easier to reach your dream phisyque) you will be eligible to ask me online about your training and nutrition questions and eveything regarding this lifestyle.

So stay in touch, register, and enjoy & take advantage of my services to get your desired anatomy. Never forget: „My passion is YOUR gain”!

Pete Steel, CPT