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Beautiful Laura London in interview for Pete Steel

The amazing Laura London: national level figure competitior, fitness model, author, trainer, mother of three children, business lady, caring wife and real inspiration for many women! She just turned 45 years and looks fabulous!

Q : First of all thank you for being available for my interview! How are you nowadays, what was your last contest and when was it?

Laura London : Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview!!  I am having a great time and keeping busy working on a lot of fitness projects.

The last time I competed was at the Arnold Classic in Ohio, this past March.  It was an amazing experience, there were people from all over the world competing.  I competed in Masters Figure.

Q : What was the final week of preparation like for you before the contest?

LL : The final week is always the hardest.  My training switches from heavy weights low reps, to high reps and low weights.  My diet really takes a turn and I tweek it, depending on how my body is looking. I may reduce my carbs a little, see if I am holding a lot of water etc.  Then there is the fun stuff like getting my nails done, tanning, posing practice all while being a full time mom and business owner.

Q : What is the most satisfying part of competing?

LL : The most satisfying part of competing is knowing that I have worked hard and am at my personal best.  For me it is not so much about winning but challenging myself to push the limits.

Q :And the worst part?

LL : For me the worst part is actually getting up on stage!  I have two left feet and believe it or not grace does not come easily for me.  I always get so nervous before I have to step on stage, even though I have done it so many times before.

Q : What areas do you feel you will improve on before your next show?

LL : My lower body development is a bit behind compared to my upper body.  I had a very painful bulging disk problem and have had to work very slowly and carefully making sure not to re injure it again.  It is starting to catch up and has taken a long time. But safety is the key.

Q : What is the next aim for you regarding your career?

LL : I will keep competing because it keeps me focused.  I have a lot of great things happening.  I am working on some exercise DVD’s, adding to my healthy eating recipe CD collection, writing a fitness ebook, focusing on my fitness modeling career and lots more.

Q : In your opinion, how much emphasis is placed on judging muscularity when it comes to figure competition?

LL : I think what the judges are looking for is symmetry in the body.  Proportion is very important as well as the overall package that you present.  The figure look is athletic and not overly muscular.

Q : What motivates you to continue improving as a competitor?

LL : My motivation comes from a few places.  First it starts from within.  I love the feeling of being fit and strong.  I have been out of shape and tired and never want to be there again.  My family, friends and fans are a huge motivation for me.  People write to me telling me that I have inspired them to get off the couch and exercise or that they are going to compete for the first time makes.  That is what this whole fitness journey is truly about.  Knowing that you can help someone improve the quality of their life.  This motivates me to keep going, push forward and get back up on stage.

Q : In the meaning that you inspire so many women to be at their best, how do you view your role as a figure competitor? What kind of responsibility does it entail?

LL : Being a figure competitor and being in the public eye is a gift and also a responsibility.  I want to make sure women are healthy and not starving themselves. My goal is to help educate them about nutrition and help them to make healthy choices.  It is not about being skinny it about empowerment, taking control and being healthy for life.

Q : What is the hardest aspect when preparing for a contest?

LL : One of the hardest things is to always be in the right mindset. There are days when I don’t want to go to the gym or I just want to eat whatever I want.  Those are the times when you have to really dig down deep and you truly find out that you can do anything if you want it bad enough. It is a true test of your inner strength

Q : How do you deal with the pressure associated with training and dieting for a major contest?

LL : I have competed many times now so I have a routine.  I know when I need to start changing my diet or train more. Now it is more of a lifestyle for me. I changed the way I thought about contest prep.  It should not be a pressure but an experience to enjoy.  It is not about deprivation but, goal setting, being your personal best and the desire to achieve.  Once you change the way you think about training and dieting for a competition you can start to really enjoy it.

Q : How you harmonize a contest preparation with family obligations?

LL : I am constantly juggling life, just like everyone else.  Having three kids, competing and running a business takes a lot of planning in advance. I write everything down on the calendar, I schedule my workouts like an business appointment. I try to make meals that can feed everyone, which is a real challenge in my house.  I have one vegetarian, and one who eats no vegetables.

Family always comes first.  If I have to go to a school play instead of going to the gym, that is what I do.  I will exercise at another time.  All I can do is my best and it seems to be working! It is all about being organized and planning.

Q : What do you do in your free-time when not preparing for a competition?

LL : In my free time (which is not much :))  I love to be at home.  I am truly a “home body” and find it peaceful and relaxing.  Spending time with my girlfriends is a treat, we always have so much fun together and laugh a lot.  Girlfriends are a true gift!  I also love to read,  I get lost in books, I even listen to audio CD’s in my car and podcasts on my IPod.  I am always learning.

Q : Where can people find out more about you?

LL :

Q : What advice would you give a person who wants to start to live healthy and follow the fitness lifestyle?

LL : It is never to late to improve your health and lifestyle.  It just takes a strong desire and a positive mind.  Read books and magazines on health, fitness and nutrition.  Talk to people who have made improvements in their lives.  Sit down and write down some goals and have a plan of what it is you want and how you are going to get it.  Take small steps and they will lead you to larger ones. You can do anything if you put your heart, soul and mind into it.

Q : What can you say to all ladies out there that would like to change their life and do something good for themselves? Do they have to sacrifice something?

LL : You can do it!!!  Believe you can and you will.  It is so important to change the way you think.  The mind is so powerful and your best friend or your worst enemy.  But you get to choose!  Don’t think of eating healthy as a sacrafice, but as a gift you are giving yourself.  Envision how good you are going to feel and look and that you have the power to inspire others through your accomplishments.  Does that sound like a sacrifice.  I don’t think so J more like a gift.

Q : Before we close this discussion, would you like to share something else with the readers what we did not touch so far?

LL : Most of all I want the readers to realize I am just a regular mom just like them.  I am not a superwoman,I do it all just like everyone else.  I don’t even have a cleaning lady, it’s all me.  I am very fortunate to have a supportive husband and family and that is key in me “doing it all”.

One other thing, people always assume I was very athletic growing up.  It could not be farther from the truth.  My brother was a hemophelliac and we never played any sports in my house.  I did not know I was athletic until I was in my late thirties. So it is never to late to start getting in shape.

Q: Thank you Laura!!! You're fantastic!


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