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„And how come you could reach such a massive body? Do you have any secrets”?

„If you mean prescription drugs and other illegal stuffs, no, I don’t use them. Those things could maybe give temporary advantages but later on will take its toll. Although I do believe in proper eating, supplementation and training. At the end of the day those things will finally bring you the desired results not a handful of pills”.

ReShaping training for ladies !

There are basic differences between the male and female physique regarding training. But, - in the other hand – one can observe similarities either.

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Beautiful Laura London in interview for Pete Steel

The amazing Laura London: national level figure competitior, fitness model, author, trainer, mother of three children, business lady, caring wife and real inspiration for many women! She just turned 45 years and looks fabulous!

Interview with the Mr. Universe IFBB Pro Emeric Delczeg

"Muscle gain is done by eating more foods high in calories but don`t stuff yourself at every meal. To create maximum muscle growth without adding too much fat to your bodyweight, you must depend on proper nutrition as well planned workouts.
For females or males to get fit and lose bodyfat is the same, it must be done in two ways, diet and exercise. Dieting involves cutting back on your food intake without becoming weak and undernourished. The smart way to do this is little at time, planning on losing no more then one or two pounds of fat per week."

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Wonders of read meat and eggs:

According to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, a diet that includes lean red meat can lower levels of low-density lipoprotein while increase absorption of omega 3 fatty acids.

And if you want even more omega 3 fatty acids, consider this: choose the organic eggs instead of the "regular" ones.

You'll ask yourselves why.. Here's the answer: because whatever the chicken eats, you will eat. Organic chicks are fed on a natural diet that includes worms, grubs and flaxseeds, as a result of which you get more omega 3 fatty acids, more immune boosting vitamin E from the eggs. Also you make sure to avoid antibiotics, which can put stress on your immune system.

That's it! Sounds simple, right? It's a so common phrase that you are what you eat! Well it is right!  Make sure to supply yourself with first class foods, don't make excuses there! Believe me, your body will be thankful to you and you'll soon experience the positive changes.

Trick for chest muscles

Would like some extra boost in your chest muscles development? Right after a heavy set of bench press immediately lie down and perform a few reps of push-ups in a controlled, slow manner. You will get surprised how it pumps your chest up and forcing growing!

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Madeline (20), California, USA

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Andi (28), Vienna, Austria

I've always been the guy you'd call ordinary. Nothing impressive, nothing too catchy in my appearance. Just your average 180 cm (5'11") tall boy. When I was teen, like everyone on my age, I used to get fascinated by the brawny men I was seeing in the magazines. I've tried to attend the gym few times, but was getting kinda confused. It was embarrassing for me to be along with those big folks that had those amazing bodies. I've met with Pete on a handball game in Austria. He was my cousin's teammate. Ever since Pete is helping me with advices and tips to get better in handball and looking better either!
Thank You Peter!

Julia (23), Paris, France

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Note : Don’t hesitate to get contact with Pete whatever questions You have regarding the afore-mentioned ones and feel free to share with him your positive experiences and how that book changed your life.

Good luck and keep it up!

Your trainer,

Pete Steel

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